YOUR Journey?

Okay… so maybe you aren’t seeking a oneness with nature that has a 99.9% chance of leaving you wet, cold, bruised, sunburned, thirsty, hungry, tired, bug bitten, sore and treasuring flush toilets like some covet Jimmy Choo slingbacks. I’m aware that, to some, this life choice makes me raving lunatic in their book … but … judge not lest ye be judged.  Who cares what other people think?  This is MY journey ... what's YOURS?

What’s your goal? What’s your dream? It can be as grand as a canyon or as delicate as a dragonfly. That’s the beauty of dreams, there is no right or wrong. So SHARE them … UNLOCK them … LIVE them! What inspires you? If you could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone, live anywhere … what would you choose? Since announcing my intentions to hike the AT, many people have shared their goals with me.  I've been moved and inspired by each one ... so I'd like to give you the chance to share yours. 

Please don’t share the reasons and roadblocks as to why you can’t … just share the desire, dream, vision or goal.  Personal goals are just that; personal, so if you'd prefer to make your comments anonymously, that's fine, or sign with your initials, that's cool too.   I promise to read each one and honor it with the respect that every dream deserves.

Dreams are not fleeting visions … they’re history waiting to be written. What’s YOURS?


  1. No brave souls yet? Come on people ... what are your crazy dreams?

    If you say it out loud (or type it) you've set it on the path to realization...

    Set an intention. If not here then at least on a post it note, hanging on the fridge or maybe a photo of your dream taped to your work compuer.

    Since I was very young I've always said...

    If you DREAM it and you BELIEVE it you will ACHIEVE IT!

    Rollin on,

  2. Tripple Crown Of Hiking course! My wife and I have been following your blog from Alaska. I will be on the AT next year and the other two trails the following years. Best of luck and "Hike On!"

  3. Just came across your blog, followed a link from a thread on WhiteBlaze. I'm hoping to start my own AT journey in April of 2012. (My 13 yr old son said, "But that's when the world is supposed to end!" I said, I'll be finished by then!) Looking forward to reading your archives.


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