Monday, April 19, 2010

For point of reference...

Here's the other side of the rock. My poles are set long, About four feet, since most of this section is downhill. Good times on the Appalachian Trail. :-)

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  1. Hey Lori! Love the details!! The quality of the photos is great too - so clear -it's amazing to see the views. WOW! The roots are pretty impressive too. Sorry about the header! Sure you don't want your trail name to be Lumpy?...just sayin'...The medical evac. thing doesn't sound good. Hope your friend gets better -hello to Boston Dan, maybe you should call him"Dunkin"...just a's late, hope you're getting a good night's sleep! miss you! xo Bonnie

  2. Hey Yahtzee. Writing from beautiful (not) Lawton, OK. Can't sleep due to confused chirping bird and coffee in the afternoon. I suggest "Gimpy" or "Humpty" for a temporary nickname until another event! I sent our group to send us good energy and blessings to give us a boost today. I did some discreet breathing exercise on the plane to send you blessings as well.

    I didn't realize you wore contact lens. What if you encounter a nocturnal being and you need to see? Knowing you maybe you have glasses too or your eyesight isn't that bad.

    I appreciate your blogs and image even more today. Not being able to sleep in your own bed really sucks... but knowing you are always walking is very inspiring. Go go go girl!

  3. Ha, ha, ha... "Gimpy." Nahhh... I think I'll stick with Yahtzee. :-) As for "nocturnal beings" I'm not too worried ... but to calm any nerves, I do have my glasses with me too. :-)

    Happy Trails,


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