Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday on the AT...

Today is my birthday and I'm loving the fact that I'm spending it on the AT!

The day started out partially sunny but the clouds have rolled in and the rain is imminent. It rained yesterday and I'd hoped that I might catch a break today ... But I guess it's not to be. Oh well ... As the saying goes, "No pain, no rain, no Maine."

Thanks to everyone for all of your birthday cards, emails and wishes. I'll do my best to respond to you all soon. It's starting to rain so I've got to put the phone away and start walking. It gets cold when you stop walking. Burrrr...

Happy Trails!

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  1. Hi All, I tried to post this on the 19th but I didn't have good cell service. It was in the que to send, so as soon as my phone received a strong signal today it posted.

    A post script to my birthday .... I received some trail magic from a trail maintainer... (two cold beers). They went great with my dinner that night!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    from Mike, DOR

  3. Happy Birthday &&& stay warm and dry!!!

  4. Happy Birthday one day late. Just catching up on your blog so I'm a little late.


  5. Go Taurus Girl Go....AOE! D

  6. Happy Birthday from Uncle Johnny's.


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