Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fontana Dam ...

This is me at Fontana Dam right before entering the Smokey Mountain National Park.

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  1. I need a map of the trail so I can track your location... That would have been fun. I do so enjoy your posts...
    I'm thinking that after I get off this, I'm going to look it up so I can!!!

  2. Yahtzee !!'re making tremendous progress ! So, most of the "shelters" are more like "lean-2's" right ??? I don't know that I could get shut eye w/ mice scurrin' about ! Well, not any more than I'd get by getting hit by the "elements" either ! LOL ! I'm sending mail this week to the P.O. box... when or where it finds you, I'm not so sure ! But I KNOW IT WILL ! ~ HUGS !!


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