Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hiker Parade Starting Location...

One of the highlights of Trail Days is the "Hiker Parade." Luckily, I was warned of the "townies" true intentions for us while we proudly walked down their Main Street.

You see the parade quickly devolves into a multi block water war!

Each year's "thru hiker class" (ie; 2008, 2009) is identifed with a banner, carried by poor suckers whose hands are then otherwise occupied, rendering them offenceless and making them sitting ducks for anyone looking for an easy target. As you can see, I chose to arm myself with a super soaker and therefore was able to give just about as good as I got (with the exception of the townies who were using garden hoses).

This was great fun and felt great on a humid and sunny afternoon.

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  1. ha ha! Reminds me of "do you have weapons?" :)


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