Friday, May 7, 2010

Lunch ....

Just the "average" Wednesday lunch routine.

I'm half way through a 13 mile day and just couldn't resist stopping for lunch and a rest at this spot.

Spring is "springing" finally. The birds seem to be everywhere today ... as
do the bees. It's warm with a slight breeze ... I'd love to lounge on this rock all day but alas I've got to get moving.

Happy Trails

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  1. Hi Yahtzee.... Indeed that looks like quite the resting place, err napping spot? (Though I've never been a napper)! Spectacular nonetheless !!

    Glad to see your technologies are back in working order ! Been missing your updates ! ( no pressure ~ LOL!)
    ~ Hugs & big smiles !!!

  2. Fantastic resting place.
    Views like that sure make you feel good about yourself.

  3. OK...that VIEW is amazing...just gorgeous!!
    Thanks so much for sharing that photo -and shamelessly - I will grovel for more!
    So nice to see you stop and take it all in...because it's so much work on the trail - I was happy you took a well deserved break!
    Keep up those great steps...everyone counts!

  4. Love this picture Lori-
    Sounds like you're doing well, it's so fun to read your updates...
    take care,


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