Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This afternoon I took my first BIG digger. I was walking in a valley, with a thick canopy of treetop growth, so the rocks were blanketed in a thick, slippery moss. I was stepping carefully but I guess I wasn't careful enough. Shortly after leaving Chatfield Shelter, as I stepped down from a tall rock, my foot slipped. I tumbled forward, compressing my left knee and landing on my right elbow. I landed on one of my trekking poles, bending it, but mercifully avoiding the carbide tip which could have left a serious mark. I'll admit, after landing on rocks, I laid there for a moment assessing things. Luckily, the fall only resulted in scrapes and soreness so I continued on.

Later in the day the trail led into scenic and beautiful pasture land. The trail dumped into a truck stop area, near some interstate that I don't know, but there was a gas station (beer) and pizza place. Ahhh... Satiated, all is good and I look forward to hiking again tomorrow.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Hope you are feeling o.k. today! And that no more spills are in your future.

  2. Youch!! Make sure to poke suspicious trails with the pole before stepping in. something Bear Gryllis would say on TV. I'm playing Monday morning quarterback here... I'm glad that you are OK. That must've been very scary.

  3. Spoken like a true "veteran" hiker ! That does sound a bit precarious ~ I'm so glad you're ok, and didn't poke your eye out or something w/ those poles !!! I've got a "Curad" band-aid. ( Rumor has it, they help "boo-boos" heal fast):)

    Tread lightly and carefully soldier !!
    Hugs ! ~ B

  4. Hey Cuz isn't it amazing how beer and pizza can cure almost everything. Life's best band-aid. Glad your ok. Please be careful but continue to enjoy your journey. Happy Trails. Love Cuzzen Connie


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