Monday, May 3, 2010

Phone Issues and Blog Updates ...

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to apologize for the delay with some of my entries and uploads.  I've been having some phone issues on top of sketchy network availability. Basically I've been posting blind because I haven't been able to pull up the internet on my phone. It appears that some of my posts haven't transmitted and those that did have posted out of the order in which they were sent.  Hopefully it's not too confusing.  Maybe I'll start to note the date in the title in order to make it easier to follow along.

Take care and happy trails!!!



  1. G'day... girlfriend !! Really... just hearing from you is enough ! Since no one has a map to tell if you're heading forward, backward or otherwise, it's just good to know you're SAFE, HAPPY, and enjoying nature !!! Back in the day we'd of had to wait on snail-mail anyways ! So, we'll wait w/ great anticipation and patience !
    Cheers !!! :)

  2. Fingers crossed... I'm at the Verizon store now and they agree that my phone isn't "working as it's supposed too!" Really? Anyway, I should have a new one shortly and hope to be back up and running on my blog soon. Right now I'm typing away on their floor model netbook. These things are really neat!

    Can't wait to get back on the trail ...

    Happy Tuesday everyone.


  3. So just TODAY, I realized that you responded to my earlier post & my varied questions ! ( Just by chance, actually!) WHOOHOO !! We miss you too girlfriend, TONS !! Hopefully your package will arrive in time for your birthday too !
    So, I'm off to actually put your package together ! (which I failed to do the other day when I mentioned it !! ~ Smiles & Hugs to you ! :)

  4. Sounds too wet for me; have you considered scuba gear and ear plugs for the evenings? You are a far better person than I to deal with all this. I'd rather have sandy white beach and palm tree. That's why I'm your mother! Keep up the good work and attitude. Happy trails.

  5. Dear Lori. It's still Mercury retrograde so your phone problems are right where things should be. Put "re-" on every verb and just relax until it's over next week.

    Nixon has learned to go in and out of the doggie door by himself! I'm impressed!! Woo hoo!


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