Saturday, May 8, 2010

Standing Bear Farm, Hiker Hostel...

After a long 13 miles I pulled into Standing Bear Farm. It's a very friendly place that operates on the honor system. If you use it or eat it then you write it down on an envelope and drop the money in the box when you leave.

The buildings and the values are "old fashioned" around these parts ... it's amazingly refreshing.


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  1. Hey Lori,

    I'm taking care of Dylan and Ethan this weekend, and Dylan wants to know if you've reached the half way point yet? I'm saying no. Either way, we want you to know we're reading your posts and wishing you luck along the way!

  2. Truely awesome that they still operate on the "honor system" in this day and age ! ! ! Hopefully, there aren't too many creeps that try and take advantage. It's been so many moons since I was able to leave the house/car unlocked w/ absolute assurance nothing would disappear. Love to hear that some still operate in that fashion ! You LOOK AMAZING and are KICKIN @$$ !!
    ~ Smiles & Hugs !

  3. Hi Lori/Yahtee,
    Just got your blog from Jared and been reading all your posts from day 1. You are so lucky to be doing this! Take care and God Bless.
    Mike from El Monte DOR.


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