Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Day!

Yesterday was a big day ... it was my first 20+ mile day. Can I get a whoo hoo!!??

Officially I hiked 21.5 miles, which took just a smidge over 11 hours to do (inclusive of breaks).

Lately I've been hiking with Koopa and Big Oooh (a husband & wife team) and a guy named Birdie. The four of us get along really well so it's fun to walk with them. We all completed the big mileage hike and treated ourselves to a Mexican food dinner at a restaurant which was a short distance from the trail.

This photo is of a nice section of trail. It's flat without roots or rocks, which makes it *easier* to hike 21.5 miles.

Happy Trails...

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  1. Holy moly!!! 21.5 miles! Yeah, you get a woo hoo! for that. How about 21.5 woo hoo's! Go on with your bad self ;)

  2. Woo Hoo doesn't really cut it. But will start there. Wow girl can you hike. What a beautiful trail to be on. Great trail and good company best combo in the world. Happy Trails to you and keep up the good work. Were all enjoying this. PS Sorry you get to do all the hard work. Love Cuzzen Connie

  3. OMG... I'm cracking up so hard this a.m. THIS DAMN THING FINALLY POSTED MY NUMEROUS TRIES TO GET A COMMENT TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! It wassn't cooperating yesterday !

    LOL LOL LOL !!!! Sorrrry ~

    Whew.. what a great way to start the day !
    Carry on ~ !!


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