Monday, June 14, 2010

Knee-oh, knee-oh why?

Friday, June 12th...
Hey All ... No need to worry.  I'm okay.  Just needed to see a doctor for my left knee.  I fell a few weeks back and, unfortunately, my knee was getting worse instead of better ... so I figured it was time to get a professional opinion. 

Long story short, I will rest for a couple of days and see how things feel then.  Following that, I'll cut my mileage down a bit for a while and try to lighten my pack weight by eliminating food weight.  Sadly, food and water are the heavy-weight culprits in most packs (including mine)... and I can do without sharp cheddar cheese, hot sauce and other offenders (like hard candy). 

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes ... I appreciate all your positive energy and Light!!!

Take care,


  1. Hey Cuz how bad? You don't want knee's like mine... Connie

  2. Oh no - hope everything's okay! I've been following your journey quietly - and living a little vicariously (have dreamed of an AT bid for many years). Sending hopeful/healing thoughts your way!!

  3. Packs can be very heavy that is for sure. May your knee heal, just take things easier and enjoy your trip.

    This is a wonderful experience you are having and a real treat to follow along.



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