Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Priest...

I've had very spotty cell service lately - sorry for the delayed posts. Yesterday (Tuesday, June 22nd) was super hot. On the upside, it was only a little humid ... thank goodness for small favors!

I hiked through unremarkable mountains on a rocky and steep trail, with few views. The huge "down" was called "The Priest" and I thought, jokingly, that tomorrow's "up" (coming out of the gap) should be called "last rites." Alas, it's not. It's called Three Ridges, which sounds like some kind of subdivision with quarter acre lots, ranch style homes and a community swimming pool. Don't ask me why ... it just does. Maybe I'm longing for a pool.

Anyway, this kind of hiking gets most thru hikers annoyed since we climb 3,000 feet for little visual reward only to drop back down on the other side of the mountain ... just to do it all again with the next. We like our vistas!

I, as well as almost everyone else I encounter, was misinformed. We were under the impression that Virginia was "flat." Whoever started that rumor should be shot! Sure Virginia has longer stretches of moderate ridge walking ... but it certainly ISN'T flat.

I don't want to give the wrong impression though ... the day wasn't all bad (they rarely are). I finally got to experience something that I've been waiting for since I started the trail ... I saw my first AT bear!

I'd just finished a long uphill climb and was walking quietly along the trail. My trekking pole struck a rock and startled the bear, which was about 75 yards in front of me. It didn't even turn to look at me ... but took off running (away from me) at full clip. I was neither startled or scared ... but very thankful that I finally got to see my first AT bear!

Unfortunately I didn't get to snap a picture, since he ran away so quickly ... hopefully next time!

It was a good reminder that even on a hot and seemingly lousy day that good things can happen in a heartbeat and we simply need to be alert and ready to appreciate the gift ... whatever it may be.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Honestly... this journey of yours continually AMAZES me !!! The "heat/humidity" would of made my decision miles/states ago !! YUCK !

    I love seeing wild bears too !! They are so majestic in their own right ! ~ How big was it ?

    Sounds like your "spirits" are untouchable ! You GO GIRLFRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☼


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