Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Boots!!!

The boot tread on the left is new ... guess that makes the boot tread on the right the one I've been wearing for the past three and a half months. Amazing to see the difference in these heavy duty trekking boots.

While I'm thrilled to have solid footwear again, I'm not looking forward to breaking them in on the trail. Looks like I'm headed back to blisterville for a (hopefully brief) visit.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Yahtzee.... I was wondering how those soles were holding up !! and I guess now I know ! Maybe you can forward them home, as one unique souvenier (sp?) ;-) ...... just sayin' !!

    Keep on trekkin !

  2. So happy you finally got them! Good luck breaking them in.

  3. I'm thinking those boots should have lasted longer ..I've calculated a cost of 18 cents per mile..or $1.65 a day just for shoes...I guess life on the trail can be costly adventure...but a priceless experience...thank you for sharing your trip with all of us..Now who's going to send her some cash to help out with the new footwear??


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