Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virginia is DONE!

Whoo hooo... Virginia is done! Tomorrow (7/15) I'll arrive in Harpers Ferry! I can't wait to get to the ATC office and have my picture taken and added to the 2010 Thru Hiker Binder ... So cool!


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  1. Congratulations Yahtzee. You are doing a fantastic job, even with your knee giving you problems. You are definitely on a wonderful journey.


  2. Yahtzee.. you are a TRUE SOLDIER !! OMG !! I had to laugh on the "wondering if gills" would serve you better line !!! LOL LOL ! Glad to hear you found refuge in that nearby hostel too! That's one hellofa deal @$27.50 for ALL that ! Congrats on finishing Virginia !!

    ~ Keep on .. Keeping on ! ♥


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