Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friendly Faces ...

One benefit of flip flopping is the opportunity to reconnect with people who I haven't seen in months. Today (8/26/10) I was taking a short break on the peak of Spaulding Mountain and who walks up? Chopsticks (aka: snakebite). He's a super nice guy who is hiking to raise funds and awareness for abused children. We met way back down south and got to know each other due to the fact that, back then, he would take zero days ... which would allow slower hikers, such as myself, to catch up. Since Chopsticks can hike 30+ miles a day it didn't take too long before he put in more mileage than I could make up.

He said he met up with Boston Dan, in Boston, and the two of them went to the racetrack. No surprise since Dan used to discuss his love of all things racing, especially cars. According to Chopsticks, Boston Dan might actually do a section of the Whites this year so who knows ... I might run into him too.

Well, back to the trail. I've achieved my planned stopping point for the day but it's too early to stop so I'm going to press on. Another three miles should get met to a better stopping point.

Rolling on,

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  1. Heyyyyy Yahtzee !! Well, I picked up " A Walk in the Woods" over the weekend, and almost finished it in ONE day ! I've got about 35 pages left ! What a FUN, FANTASTIC.. read, now that I am familiar w/ some of the stops... that YOU'VE mentioned !!! Excellent.. and quite humorous, I might add !! I now have a clearer picture of just HOW difficult it is, when I read the same sentiment, that many quit after a few days.. realizing it's NOT what they expected ! So w/ that.. I give you all that much more praise.. for making it as far as you have ! SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!! ~ Trek ON !! ☼

  2. Hey Chica... I'm working on this notebook that Pattie lent, me, so I don't know it what sequence this is going to find you ?? So good to hear from you, as you know I check this DAILY !! You are such a stud !! I I love your pals Koopa * OH... Very cool peeps you've met ! I can't believe you're actually DOING IT... everthing I've read, and all !! You three will BE THAT 10% !! Carry on comrades !! Much love always !


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