Friday, September 24, 2010

Guilder Pond...

At 2,042 feet Guilder Pond is the highest body of water in Massachusetts. Since the shelter I stayed at last night was dry it's also my water source for the day. I'll spare you the close up shot ... but thank goodness for filters since this water give a new meaning to pond scum.

Rolling on,

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  1. Do you have to boil the water too, or just filters ? OMG, another reason I don't think I'd be a very good "thru" hiker ! LOL
    Bottoms UP ! ~ Have a great weekend too !! ♥

  2. Great to see you back out there and that you are taking care of yourself. We continue to think about you and your journey and send positive energy every day. Enjoy every minute!!!


  3. In reply to Brandi,
    If you do not get your water filtered properly it could be a case of Bottoms up and down frequently.

  4. LMFAO.. Yahtzee ! That is funni, albeit.. TRUE, I'm sure ! Yikes ! Too bad lakes are filled w/ Ales !! LOL ~

    Carry on studette !! ~ Hugs ' n BIG SMILES today !


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