Friday, September 17, 2010

Mt. Washington...

This is a photo of me standing on the stair platform leading down to the Mt. Washington parking area.  In the Northeast you can, with regularity, see bumper stickers stating that, "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington!"  Needless to say I bought the sticker that reads, "I climbed Mt. Washington." 

As you can see we made it to the summit before the weather moved in.  Here it's just starting to cloud up.  Since the AMC also closed the hut on the other side of Mt. Washington (for the rest of the season - even though there are still a ton of AT thru hikers coming through) we were forced to invest in their shuttle service to get us safely off the mountain before the storm moved in.  For the lovely fee of only $29 per person they loaded us into a van and drove us back down to Pinkham Notch.  Of course it's another $29 to get back up ... Thanks AMC. 

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