Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nature's Roller Skates...

Recently it occurred to me that the caveman didn't have to think very hard when it came to "inventing" the wheel. Sure they had to figure out the whole tool fabrication thing (hammer and chisel) but the concept must have been pretty easy. All they really had to do was take a walk on a fall day using a pathway littered with acorns. These little babies are like greased ball bearings! Throw in a hill of any sort and they'll have you doing the Downhill Hiker Shuffle in no time. By the way that's an advanced dance move I only suggest for use during wedding receptions without any cameras!

The cool thing about the abundance of acorns are the squirrels and chipmunks. These nuts make them crazy! Hummm... wonder if that's where the secondary meaning of "nuts" originates? Who knows ... but what I do know is that they chatter and scamper from tree to tree like I've never seen before. They're busy little critters getting ready for winter ... which, thank goodness, never break into alto harmony like Alvin, Simon and Theodore!

Happy Trails,

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  1. Heyyyyy YAHTZEE !!!!
    Thanks for the chuckles this a.m. ! You're comment on the origin of "nuts" is
    C L A S S I C ~ !!! I truely think there could be some "truth" to that.. as men ARE men !

    Hang tough chic.. you're almost home !! ♥


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