Monday, March 22, 2010

Bear Bait!

So my backpack smells like chicken … which, with less than two weeks before I start traipsing around the backcountry, isn’t really a good thing. To make matters worse (for me) it smells like rotten chicken. Thru hikers can get pretty smelly but STARTING the trip with your bag smelling like the bottom of a curbside garbage can … that could earn me a name change. Yahtzee could go to Stinky in nanoseconds!

Long story short, I took my pack and it’s contents over to my sisters’ homes this past weekend. The intent: show my nieces and nephews all of my gear and explain the trip to them. They all tried on the pack, which is currently standing at 41.3 pounds without water, fuel, my first aid kit and a few other items, so I’m pretty sure it outweighs my youngest niece who, needless to say, couldn’t lift it off the ground.

I got home on Saturday night and unloaded the food bags from my pack. It was then that I realized that there was something wet in one of the compartments. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was. I didn’t have any fluids loaded yet. The mystery liquid was the consistency of water but smelled horrible.

The next morning it dawned on me … one of the chicken pouches I was carrying in my food supply bags must have come open. It was the only thing that had any liquid to it. Sure enough, after inspecting everything carefully I found the culprit chicken pouch with a small slice in it (like that of a box cutter). I probably purchased it that way. It was fine until I squeezed it into a tightly stuffed pack which forced the liquid out of the pouch and into my pack. Needless to say I’ll be checking the rest of the pouches for structural integrity, washing my pack with baking soda and warm water plus looking over my shoulder a bit more to check for “friends” on the trail. A chicken flavored backpack would make me the pied piper of the AT … at least for a short time anyway. 

Happy Trails Everyone!


  1. LOVE this blog!!
    I really can't wait to hear about this amazing journey that you will undertake...but I like the lead up too...Now I want a Trail Name...blogger names just aren't the same!! I think I will change my to Middle Sister!
    YOU GO GIRL!! The blog looks has a great vibe - fresh and outdoorsy!
    I really love it! Now off to read more!!

  2. hey big sis!!! i cant tell you enough how proud of you i am. you are an inspiration to us all. you're my role model and my best bud and i love you and know you'll do amazing on your journey.... love you

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  4. Thank you for letting us follow your journey. I look forward to tracking your adventure (albeit sitting on my butt in front of a monitor). I'll make sure to read it at loud to Nixon so he knows what you are doing every step of the way.
    Sat Nam!

  5. Thank you, Lori, for including me in your announcement. I look forward to reading about your adventures, and I wish you God speed and a safe and UN-eventful journey.

  6. The Warrior knows his is free to chose his desires, and he makes these decision with courage, detachment, and - sometimes -- with just a touch of madness. ~ Paul Coelho

    ** Ok, this is my second post.. cause I don't see my first one. These are all going under Anonymous, but you'll know me as "BW".

    ~ CHEERS

  7. .. and I HATE when I make "typos".

  8. Hi Lori...I am soooo excited for you. Your blog looks great too! But, I can't wait to follow your journey. How incredible!

    Bon Voyage!

  9. Lori, I am really looking forward to your updates, have to hike vicariously, my family would totally die without me here. At least I THINK I'm that necessary. So for all of us that can't or won't do this for ourselves, Happy Trails! Have a great, mind-blowing experience.

  10. Lori, You are truely an inspiration!! I love the blog and look forward to sharing your journey with you in the comfort of my "concrete jungle" ... LOL. My favorite quote: "Life is a journey, not a destination" You are truely living your life's journey.
    Now go get your Hike on Girl!

  11. Good luck! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I'm proud of you and excited for you:)


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