Friday, April 2, 2010

On the trail ...

This is the southern starting point on the AT. I hiked southbound .9 miles, uphill, to get there ... Then turned around, back tracked, and started my northbound journey. It's beautiful here and I'm loving it!

Sorry for not posting yesterday but i was in a valley w/o cell service. Will try to post more later..

Happy Trails.

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  1. that's so cool. So forgive my ignorance, but what is the applachain trail exactly (besides something to hike)?

  2. Woo-hoooo! Keep on rockin'..I mean walkin'! Love to hear it's going so well! Details! Details! Details! We are all thinking of you & with you in spirit...see you can't get away from us!

  3. Great Job Yahtzee! Happy Easter on the AT! Manny blessings as you continue to realize your dream and goal!

  4. Happy Easter to you and proud of you Cuz. Quite an adventure you've takin' on. Will be checking back to keep up with your journey. Live your dreams and life to it's fullest. Happy Trails to ya!!!! Connie

  5. Hippity, Hoppity.. LORI's on her way !!!

    So good to hear you've arrived safely and are making your way ! This is going to be cool to follow in your footsteps, albeit..."virtually"!!

    Sending you bright light, and positive energies .. everyday, all day ! ~ :) BW

  6. So great Lori to see the sign you posted. Wow, you made it to the beginning of the trail! Way to go. We are thinking of you and teaching Elise about your trail :)

    Take care,

  7. So cool! Looking forward to more posts and great stories - Sushi w/the Diva's next week so we'll be sending some wasabi your way ;0)

    Hike On!

  8. Hi All,
    THANK YOU for yor posts and encouragement! Much appreciated!!!

    Lori (AKA Yahtzee)


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