Monday, April 19, 2010

A day in the life (Part I)

I thought folks might be interested in my daily routine ... so I've decided to do several posts today.

This morning I awoke in my tent at the Wayah Shelter. It wasn't as cold as yesterday morning but it was still cold, so I got dressed before leaving the warmth of my sleeping bag (something I'm getting pretty good at).

After getting dressed I grab my "personal items" bag. Using a wet wipe on my hands (to avoid infection) I then drop ice cold contact lenses into my eyes. Yes, warming them in my sleeping bag is an option ... but I usually forget to do that and then don't want to spend the time waiting for them to warm up. After that I tie back my hair, put away my base layers (which I sleep in) and unzip my tent in order to put my boots on. That's not usually too fun ... but my feet comply after a while. Luckily, I've been able to nix the foot care routine from my morning schedule. While I still have one blister that is a bit of a problem it's in a spot that doesn't do well with moleskin or Band-Aids ... so I simply clean it at night now and am hoping it will heal (or turn into a callous) soon.

After using the little girl's tree I typically return to my tent and bag up my sleeping bag. Then I retrieve my food bag (which in North Carolina hangs from a tree because they haven't maintained their shelter bagging system) and decide what to have for breakfast. Today it was a high fiber breakfast cookie with a side of peanut butter. Not my favorite ... but I was in a hurry to hit the trail.

After breakfast I brush my teeth, take down my tent, pack my backpack (everything has a place to maintain balance) and sweep my area for any scraps of paper or wrappers. If I pack it in, I pack it out ... Who wants to hike all day just to see someone else's trash?

After that I check my water supply (which I fill the night before) and then I hit the trail.

That's where I am right now and if I'm to accomplish my 11 mile goal today ... Then I'd better get back to it.

I'll write more later. Happy Monday everyone.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I don't get to go hiking till September in RMNP, so I'm really enjoying this. Take care!!!

  2. It sounds as though you are really getting into the swing of things. Glad that you are making new friends along the way. Hope yor friend is ok and not getting to fat eating doughnuts.
    Only a month until I finish for the summer,already got my classes sorted for the fall.
    Take care my friend

  3. Jonesing for updates ! Thanks for that couple days worth, Yahtzee gal !! :)

    So one must inquire: "Just how are the "on trail" offerings?? I think you know what I'm referring to ?

    Keep on.. Keeping on !! Hugs and Smiles


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