Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My First Mail Stop ...

Hi All -

I rolled into Mountain Crossings in Blairsville, Georgia yesterday morning.  It was a great sight to see after a long hard start. 

Within my first two days three people I met, quit.  It's not an easy trail ... but as someone told me before I left, "It were easy then everyone would do it."  So true. 

The people I've met have been great. We're all very much individuals but with a common thread ... so it makes for interesting conversation at the shelters and hostels.  Last night I stayed at the Mountain Crossing Hostel but I didn't get much rest.  As a light sleeper, surrounded by heavy snorers ... well there wasn't much rest to be had.  That said, the food was great!!!  Hot meals ... that I didn't have to cook myself.

My pack has been reduced by 15 pounds (Debbie expect to receive a package via UPS).  My pack is still overweight ... but I imagine that I'll end up ditching more by the time I get to my next trail town.  Shoot by the time I finish, I might have a pair of shorts, tee shirt, tarp and hair tie!  LOL!!!  So I cut pack weight by ditching my stove and tent.  My new equipment cost a pretty penny but the weight savings was worth the cost.  Basically $100/pound.  No worries though... it's just all part of the journey.  Live and learn.

So, someone asked me what I've been "hearing."  To be honest, not much ... other than my screaming legs and heavy breathing!  The mountains have mercy though ... just about the time that you can't take another step uphill ... the trail turns downhill and impacts a whole different set of muscles.  Pain is just part of the process.  Even the fittest hikers are hurting.  A few more weeks ... it'll all be good.

Well, I've got someone lurking behind me.  My five minutes of hiker internet are up... so I've gotta get going. 

I hope all is well.  I'm doing GREAT ... take care and know that your good thoughts, wishes, prayers and kind words push me up those mountains.  I'll try to post more pics soon.

Happy Trails!!!



  1. Oh this is starting out so good! I am surprised some have quit so early. Anyway, muscle through. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Girlfriend, I'm a little concerned that you ditched the TENT & STOVE, aren't those the two most needed items ??? I'm smilin' tho !!! :)
    As a novice, should not question the expert !! LOL !

    Peace ~n'love !!! :)


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