Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trey Mountain Shelter

This is where I stayed on Saturday night. It was a bit cold so some of the guys made a fire. To be honest I think their motivation was to build a better one than the boy scouts camped near by ... but I didn't care it was just nice to have a place to warm up. I'm currently cozy in my sleeping bag so goodnight!

Happy trails.

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  1. Ok Yahtzee gal.... Real good to get an update!! I have a few questions.....
    How far have you gone thus far ?
    Are you meeting lots of fun folks ?
    When is your BIRTHDAY ?
    What are you missing most (other than Nixon) ?

    p.s. Gonna miss you this evening as we have our first "pow-wow" w/out you !! ( Sushi in Laguna !)
    It just wont' be the same :(

    Cheers to you ! :)

  2. Hey Brandi,
    As I type this I'm in Franklin, NC ... which is 107 miles north of where I started. Yes, I've been meeting lots of fun and interesting people. Some are "fun" and others are "interesting." My birthday is May 19th. And, what am I missing most? Lots of things ... mostly my friends and family, followed closely by conveniences such as clean running water, microwaves and access to power outlets to charge my phone. Oh yeah... I miss sushi too!!! Thanks. :-) In all seriousness, I hope you and the other divas had a great time in Laguna! Ummmm... sushi.


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