Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bye bye Georgia...

This morning I crossed into North Carolina. I took several photos myself but as I was getting ready to leave Yum Yum walked up and took this shot for me.

North Carolina is pretty rough so far very STEEP "ups" (or mountains) right off the bat.

I think of you all daily. In fact your words and encouragements push me up these mountains. Thank you all so much.

I'm pushing my daily mileage to get back on track for hiding out from the rain the other day. If I can rock out about 12 miles today I'll be right where I want to be.

Hope everyone is well. Take care and happy trails.


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  1. Proud of you Cuz. I was wondering how the weather was effecting you. Will be following you on your journey. Enjoying all the updates-pic's. I think this is all very exciting esp since I can follow all of this with hot water, electricity and no BEARS. Have fun. Happy Trails to ya! Connie

  2. You look happy and awesome Lori! Hope we didn't energize you too much from yoga last night and you carrying a log like you showed us in your last class! 12 miles a day, huh? I should join you for a while -- that'll melt off pounds!!

    Go girl!

  3. You go! Already into a new state...awesome! Love all the pics you share. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Congratulations on getting into North Carolina! You look great on your pic. We are continuing to send you uplifting vibes from CA, may you feel sudden burst of energy and lightness. Keep up and you shall be kept up. blessings, peace and joy to you Monika

  5. Yeah, one State down!!! Soon you'll be in VA:)

  6. Greetings YAHTZEE !!! The look of contentment on your face speaks volumes !! You are definately in your element ! Were you ears burning last night ? You were the topic of conversation on many levels, and you continue to bring inspiration to us all ! (If you only knew what you started !)
    LOL !
    Keep on trekkin' !! Hugs 'n' Big Smiles from Cali !! :)

  7. Keep Rocking it Yahtzee!!
    Can't believe how far you have come already!!
    So glad that YumYum came along to take the photo...because you are just a superstar in it!!
    You can do this - keep rockin that trail!!
    AOE! D.

  8. I'm a friend of Brandi's...I so enjoy reading of your journey...I hope you have a safe and happy adventure..

  9. You look fantastic, if you still have the walking bug when ou reach the end of the trail just head west.
    The fresh air and exercise is obviously great for you.
    Take care my friend


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