Monday, June 14, 2010

McAfee Knob...

Monday, June 14th...

Today I hiked to McAfee Knob. Aside from teh finish line (atop Mt. Katahdin in Maine) this spot on the AT was my one of my most anticipated! 

It was pretty windy up there at some points .... and YES ... it's as high as it looks but I couldn't pass up getting right up to the edge.  Whoo hooo... what a view!!!

After resting my knee on Saturday and Sunday, I headed out today for a short 7.4 mile loop hike / slack pack.  My knee passed the test and I will continue hiking on it tomorrow.  It's not pain free ... but it's not bad enough to stop me ... so it's a northbound I go!

Once reaching McAfee Knob I ran into another hiker by the name of Tapeworm.  He was kind enough to snap this pic for me (and a few more too).  Awesome job Tapeworm!  Thanks again!!! 

Happy Trails,

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