Monday, June 14, 2010

McAfee Knob...

This is me... sitting on top of McAfee Knob. I'm wearing new gaiters and a large, hinged, knee brace ... so if you're wondering what the new accessories are ... there you go.


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  1. Yahtzee gal... LOVE THIS PIC !! In all the searching I did of the AT Trail, this particular spot was in many pics !! You need to blow it up, and frame it ~~~ Wayyy to cool ! !

    Glad you hear you are nursing your knees, even though not "quite" as the Dr. ordered !

    "Easy does it".... "Stud-ette" !!! We don't want to have to "push you via wheelchair" prematurely !

  2. It looks like you are sitting at the top of the world. Glad to see that your knee did not stop you enjoying your trip.
    It was nice of yor trail mates to keep you company on your short sabatacle.
    Take care my friend

  3. Glad to see the knee is holding up!

  4. Lori it's me Andrea McCammish - Andrew's assistant! (Grainger) I've been reading some of your blogs and wish I could be a part of some of those hikes! Glad to see and hear what an awesome trip you are having. Take care and keep it up girl!!

  5. Wow, this is an amazing picture. Gives me vertigo just looking at it! Take care!


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