Friday, July 23, 2010

The Famous Half Gallon Challenge...

It's tradition, that when you reach the official half way point on the AT you attempt the "half gallon challenge."

Big Ooh and I went for it. Koopa gets a pass due to a pre existing condition. If they had Lactaid ice cream she would have had to raise a spoon too!

I selected mint chip and Big Ooh picked cherry.

Let the challenge begin...

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  1. WhoooHOO !! Yahtzee ! ! !
    Ohhh, I'm cracking up at the "turning green" comment from the mint chip ! Love the great "traditions" your enjoying as being part of the "thru-hikers"... !! Where DO they come up w/ this stuff ! I ♥ it !!
    p.s. Got your postcard !! SO COOL ! & THANK YOU ! ( Guess, you never got the birthday package)... maybe it'll be sitting in your mailbox when you return to Cali.. if you ever do ! BTW - Your CSG is UP !! LOL !!
    Keep on Trekkin' !!!


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