Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's hot in PA...

The trail runs through a lot of privately owned farm land in Pennsylvania. We had just descended from that mountain in the background and found ourselves walking through corn fields.

Yesterday was so hot (especially when walking in open fields) that we had to revise our hiking plan. Instead of the planned 23 miles, we did 17 1/2. Today we're planning on doing the same amount of miles, despite the extreme heat warnings that have been issued by the weather service. Just have to drink more water.

This is a photo of Koopa walking in the open field yesterday.

Rollin on,

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  1. Good Monday Morning Yahtzee.. and Pals !! So great to hear you've got constant company !! Seems that having buddies to "plan" with makes it all that much more fun ! ????

    How are you doing w/ your timeline and finishing by October ?

    I've got another lil somethin' somethin' I'm gonna put in the mail to you... if you receive it COOL ! If not, no biggy...

    Keep rolling on ! ♥


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