Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Update....

Hello everyone!

The 100 Mile Wilderness was beautiful, challenging but beautiful.  Maine is simply amazing.  I'd love to share some photos with you ... but ...

Unfortunately, during my first river ford I fell into the river and completely soaked myself, my pack and ... my electronics. Goodbye iPod ... goodbye cell phone (which is pulling double duty as my camera).

Unlike the rest of the states that the AT runs through, Maine doesn't build bridges for many of their stream and river crossings.  This means that hikers either have to rock hop across the water from rock to rock or take off one's boots and enjoy a free foot bath.  On the first ford, I chose to rock hop ... and almost made it to the other side.  Just shy of the other bank I stepped onto a moss covered rock and slipped into the water.  Koopa said it was a controlled fall ... more like just sitting down in the river ... but the damage was done.  Electronics and H2O don't mix. 

The good news ... I've got a replacement on the way and should receive it tomorrow (whoo hoo!!).  The bad news ... I've already seen some of the most beautiful, rugged country that I've ever seen in my life and I haven't been able to share it with you (sorry). 

More to come soon (with pics)!

Rollin on,


  1. So sad about the ipod and phone!!! But glad you are out of the 100 mile woods.

  2. Yahtzee n' friends !!

    So good to get an update !! That is a bummer about your electronics, & amazing that you've already arranged for replacements ! LOL !
    I'm anxiously awaiting pics.. I heard Maine is to die for !
    Happy trails !! ♥

  3. next time you decide to take a mid walk bath make sure that your electronics are secured inside three zip locked bags.

    Glad that you are safe.

    take care


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