Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Class IV River Rafting...

Hello Everyone!

So Koopa, Big Ooh and I made it to Caratunk, Maine and we're doing GREAT!!!  In fact, to celebrate ... and rest (just a tad) we decided to do some whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River.  I wish I had photos to share ... but I was advised not to take anything but a waterproof camera.  Since we all know my cell phone IS NOT waterproof ... I opted for a single use camera (which still needs to be developed).  If I can figure out how to share those pics with you ... I will. 

The Kennebec River is no joke.  People come from all around the East Coast to raft and kayak this river.  It's Class IV's rapids are nothing to joke with but are a TON of fun too! 

Tomorrow we hit the trail again ... a day behind schedule ... but a day that is forever embedded in our memories. 

Guided whitewater ... I highly recommend it.  Ahhhh................

Rollin On,


  1. That is so great. You are having a wonderful adventure and living life. That's what is important!


  2. you can buy a waterproof case, but i don't know if they work on all cameras. glad you had fun!

  3. Always good to hear from you and your steadfast pals ! (Koopa & O)... Whitewater rafting is a friggin' BLAST, but I'll bet the water there in Maine is much colder !

    Can't wait to see more pics !!

    Peace n' hugs !


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