Friday, August 20, 2010


So far Maine has been three things, beautiful, wet and challenging but with sections of trail that look like this, it makes the rough days worth it.

Now that we are hiking Southbound we're meeting lots of new hikers and making new friends. Most notable are Nemo, the really nice British guy who failed to bring more than a sleeping bag liner, to save on weight, so he's been freezing every night. And then there's Homeward Bound, who recently graduated from high school and is hiking home to Georgia. There are several others but those two seem to pop up most frequently.

Then there are all of the Northbounders, we pass daily, who are closing in on the end of their hikes. Their excitement is contagious. I've yet to run into any hikers I know, since most of these folks started before I did. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces soon. I'm especially hoping to run into Wizard and Tripper, the married Australian couple I hiked with briefly back in Georgia. I hope they're still on the trail and close to achieving their goal.

Well ... it's about time for me to get back on the trail too. Wishing everyone a great day!


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  1. I've never been to Maine.. but it's on my "bucket list" !

    Carry on !!! ☼

  2. Beautiful picture...I'm going hiking in September and can't wait. It'll be nothing like your hike, but fun never-the-less!


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