Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A brighter day....

I'm once again writing a blog post from the confines of a bus. But the good news is that this one is headed back to the trail which makes today a much better day than yesterday.

Maybe it was the amazingly sound sleep I got last night in an absurdly overpriced Boston area Holiday Inn Express or maybe it's simply because I'm headed back to the trail that I love (and, somedays, love to hate) but I'm in a great mood. The sun is out, the sky is blue and my journey, albeit changed, is not over. I pray that my knee will respond to the new Mueller knee brace I purchased and more gentle terrain that lies ahead. I've already explained to my knee (yes, we had a conversation) that we'll return to finish the section we missed just as soon as it's feeling better. Just to make it feel better I also explained that sometimes detours reveal hidden beauty.

With each passing mile, and toll booth, (sheesh Boston!) I feel more and more excited. My journey is not over ... it's simply changed. I look forward to sharing the rest of it with you. Thank you to everyone who posted positive comments and sent encouraging emails yesterday, I'm truly thankful and appreciative.

As I was "enjoying" the adventure of getting back to the bus station this morning I thought about my experiences to this point. I realized that someone motivated (or crazy) enough to attempt to backpack over 2,179 miles in a single trip - who won't give up even when injured - and while having to amend, not abort, the trip is disappointing - that failure is not an option. Failure would have been to quit before I started, to have embraced one of the million reasons this journey was a reckless, stupid or a bad idea. Failure would be to marginalize my accomplishments to this point, choosing instead to focus on a negative and ignoring the positives. Failure is quitting because it's hard ... not because of physical limitations. I'm confident that I have not, can not and will not fail. Belief in one's self, one's own direction and one's purpose is a powerful thing. The journey continues...

Bye, Bye Boston.

Rollin on, (Yup, today from the comforts of a Peter Pan bus)

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  1. Hurray ~ We will be continuing with you.


  2. Good Morning Yahtzee !
    You're forever POSITIVE, always an inspiration..and more motivating and REAL than most ! I wish there were more peeps "like you" in the world. Some "pretend" to be, but few REALLY ARE !! The way you spin a bad situation into a "light" one.. is the lesson of the day ! ( For me, anyways!). Can't wait to read more, as your days unravel "YOUR WAY". You do have such a gift with the written word ! Your book is gonna be fabulous !! CHEERS ! ~

  3. Yahtzee –

    I am glad that you have made a wise decision. I will keep cheering you on from the sidelines. Strategies... not disappointing at all. Shows that there is more than one way to skin a cat... er, a trail.

    Much love,

    Nixon and the crew.


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