Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally a day without rain - sort of...

On September 15th Big Ooh, Koopa and I headed out from Pinkhan Notch and up the AT towards Mt. Madison.  Well... I say "AT" but the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) doesn't like the ATC so they've made a marked decision to leave the words "AT" off of as many signs as possible.  To reach Mt. Madison we had to follow several different trails - which comprise the AT - but were named differently.  At one point we tried to determine if a hand printed sign, nailed to a post was the official trail or not. Plus, the lovely two inch by six inch white blaze - that marks the trail so well - is largely absent within the AMC's jurrisdiction.  Nice AMC, thanks! 

On the upside the day started out beautifully in the valley and made for nice hiking.  The weather was about to change but we were aware of its approach and were prepared ... or so we thought.

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