Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesterday's lunch spot ...

I'm not sure if this photo can convey the peace and beauty of this spot ... but I snapped it anyway. This is where I stopped for lunch yesterday. Lunch consists of trail mix and a peanut butter packet (energy food).

Anyway, the sound of the water cascading down the rocks, coolness from the shade and clean mountain air made it a great place to soak in the beauty that I'm surrounded by daily. It's strange ... some days I'm so focused on meeting my mileage goal or my sore feet or one of a million other distractions that it's easy to fall out of the moment and miss some of the gifts that this experience offers.

Upon reflection, I guess that could be said of my life before the trail too. We're surrounded by gifts daily ... we just need to take the time to actually see and enjoy them.

Happy Trails ...

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  1. Yahtzee... your wise words are so profoundly true !! Thank you for the subtle reminder, to remember to take notice of those "gifts" we ARE surrounded by daily! LOVE IT ~ !!!!

    You're doing GREAT.. keep on truckin' !!(Yep, a chessy 70's term !) LOL !!

  2. Thank you for these wise words, Yahtzee One. True... I guess in anything we do, there's beauty. I often think of how we are all stuck on a planet spinning really fast in a huge vacuum. Such a miracle. Doesn't really matter how much of it we try to hoard, it's all a blink of a time in Universal history.

    Nature brings out zen in us all...

  3. Ohhhh...the wisdom you are finding....

    Thank you for bring us all with you on this journey!! AOE Sista!


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